About Us

Welcome to Naked Muscle!

Now let’s get straight to it! Naked Muscle was founded in Miami, FL in 2017. Why Naked Muscle, you ask? Our outfits are made to move and feel like a natural layer on the body. We focus on style for the woman on the go without the compromise of flexibility and organic movements.

We understand firsthand how confusing it can be to pick out the best activewear for your body and lifestyle. Whether you have been a workout enthusiast for some time or are just looking for something comfortable to wear on a leisurely walk.

Our fabrics are designed to fit to any size and physique as well as any routine! We start with compression technology for fast muscle recovery, give you the best fit with an ergonomic design and top it off with a UV-filter to give you sun protection. 

Here at Naked Muscle, the goal is for you to feel great in your own skin while boosting your confidence by taking the stress out of what to wear!. Our team has your best interest at heart!

Our slogan, “Purpose fuels passion".  


We thank you for choosing Naked Muscle!