Become an Ambassador

Interested in becoming an ambassador of Naked Muscle? Join us in our mission to empower women to feel great in their own skin.

We are looking for passionate, outgoing and active women who can show us a display of strength. Our purpose is not only to demonstrate strength through a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or crossfit athlete type physique. Strength is also that mom always on the go or that woman fighting a disease or achieving that weight loss goal. We recognize that strength comes in many forms and want to encourage it in every way possible. Here at Naked Muscle, we are determined to empower all women to be strong it doesn’t matter the body type or ethnicity.

If you’re interested in helping us empower women around the world, please contact us or DM us through Instagram @nakedmuscleactivewear

“Purpose fuels passion. Live with passion.”


Naked Muscle Team